Palm Tree License Plate Frame

An island state of mind for your vehicle.
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Tropical Palm Tree

Ahhh, yes. An Island State Of Mind. Remember your Vacation to Hawaii or the Caribbean?

Originally designed by Artist Kewe and fine tuned by Cruiser Accessories for production, the #19003 Custom Chrome Palm Tree License Plate Frame means you'll never forget that tropical vacation memory.

This is the Original Tropical Palm Tree License Plate Frame. Sure there were "palm tree" frames before this, but they were desert palms like you'd see in the Middle East. This is the Pure Tropical Kitsch that others have tried to copy, but just don't have the same style. Be original, show your laid back island style and add this to your car, truck, or SUV.

Here at, we strive to design the coolest license plate frames on the market. Custom license plate frames? No Problem. Bling license plate frames? No Problem. We carry frames for all occasions, styles, sports, and even sensible clean conservative frames if you just want to add to the style of your car. Always following our motto "Promote your passion, NOT your dealer".